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With the promise of Connecting People to Purpose and Potential as our essence, we have provided the very best candidates to our clients since 1997. Our recruiting and placement process, refined through the past 20+ years sets us apart from others in the Florida legal community. The following information affords some insight into our recruiting process:

Screening Process

In General: Legal Search Solutions maintains a candidate database which currently exceeds 40,000 candidates. This database was built over the past 20+ years and is the direct result of our recruiters conducting extensive screening and testing practices. Screening, reference checking and testing enables us to better serve our clients by providing a detailed candidate profile along with quantitative measures of their skills. By verifying and evaluating an individual, we are able to provide our clients with the most qualified professionals.

Pre-Screening: New candidates are pre-screened first by one of our recruiters over the phone. The purpose of the pre-screen is to determine if they possess the required skills and experience requested by the client firm. If so, a follow up appointment is scheduled with the candidate.

Interview: A personal interview is conducted with the candidate. The individual‘s work history, education, and skill set are considered and evaluated. We also take into consideration the candidate‘s general presentation and demeanor. Additionally, we create a “wish list“ which includes the candidate‘s short and long-term goals, preferences and requirements.

Compliance: Candidates that wish to work as temporary employees through Legal Search Solutions complete our Application and employment forms. Candidates are advised of Legal Search Solutions strict compliance with all State and Federal employment laws.

Training of Temporary Candidates

  • Skill Set Development – Legal Search Solutions recognizes the importance of continuous development of skills. We encourage our temps to utilize our software tutorials as a means of increasing marketability. Tutorials are available through Prove-It for most software applications.

Background Check Requests

  • We perform background checks on all candidates. This service is provided as a courtesy to our clients. We currently use Lexis Nexis Employment Screening.


  • We can provide invoices to clients via email.
  • We are also able to provide timecard submission via email.

Broward County: 954-523-7600

Miami-Dade County: 305-358-3337

Palm Beach County: 561-391-3331

Toll Free: 888-293-2288