Contract Placement

Temporary support has become an integral part of both law firms and corporations across the country to provide “on-demand” and low cost access to staff at all levels. Legal Search Solutions Temp Dept has a vast network of talented legal professionals immediately available, including:

  1. FL Barred Attorneys,
  2. Paralegals,
  3. Legal Secretaries, and
  4. Receptionists

The advantages of using contract employees are numerous. Benefits include:

  1. Cost reduction,
  2. The ability to quickly downsize or ramp-up the existing work force,
  3. All candidates are employees of Legal Search Solutions, and
  4. Limiting the legal and financial liability in the event of disciplinary action and/or dismissal.

Using a contract employee to assist with daily changes in staffing such as unexpected absences, vacations, medical or maternity leave, or in the interim while conducting a search for a permanent employee can enhance the flexibility and responsiveness to the internal demands of a firm or company. Legal Search Solutions contract staff can also prove invaluable for special projects such as technology conversions, mergers, and assisting with trial preparation.

By providing our clients with qualified candidates, we reduce downtime and eliminate the burden of locating, interviewing and training employees.
As the employer, Legal Search Solutions is responsible for all federal and state withholding taxes, as well as any unemployment or workers’ compensation claims that may be filed by a candidate. While on assignment our Contract Department oversees the payroll via direct deposit, workers’ compensation, employer taxes and unemployment insurance. We are fully insured and offer a four (4) hour guarantee on all contract placements.

Temp-to-Hire Services

Contract-to-Hire has increasingly become a popular and valuable way to find the “ideal“ fit. It allows an employer to assess a candidate‘s skills, work performance, and compatibility. Likewise, the employee can make the same observations of the employer and ascertain their own level of satisfaction. In many cases the contract candidate is so well-qualified, they are hired for the position on a full-time basis. If an employer is interested in hiring a contract candidate as a permanent employee, our Contract Department will work to transition them into a permanent employee of your organization.

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